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Anonymous said: All of his bffs and girls he like smoke... i mean. If he does not smoke, he definitely do not mind it

Most of my friends smokes, all my exs smoked too, so that’s not a big deal :)

Anonymous said: Harry doesn't smoke at all :)

Yes, I think so too :)

Anonymous said: Do u think Harry or Niall is social smoker?

Niall, I think Harry doesn’t smoke at all.

Anonymous said: do you know who's harry's bodyguard? x

I don’t know his name :)

Anonymous said: Niall is smoking too? Oh wow. Only baby Harry is clean

Yes, I think he is a social smoker and only smokes with the company.

Anonymous said: What exactly is bikram yoga?

Bikram Yoga is the premiere hot yoga experience, developed by renowned India Yogi Master Bikram Choudhury. The practice of Bikram Yoga includes a sequence of 26 postures, performed in a room heated to 40celcius (so you sweat a lot, even without active movements), that are designed to systematically work every part of the body.
Each Bikram Yoga posture works specific areas of the body, yet the combined sequence of postures work together synergistically, contributing to the benefits that each individual posture offers. Performing the postures in a heated room encourages flexibility, promotes detoxification and helps to prevent injury. A minimum of 292 systems within the body are worked during a Bikram Yoga class, while toxins and impurities that can contribute to pain and illness are sweat out of the body.
Bikram Yoga classes are 90 minutes in length, are suitable for all experience levels and abilities.

Anonymous said: Ohh when did he do bikram yoga? I imagine him falling over alot before he got the hang of it.

On TMH tour he did it frequently :)

Anonymous said: Did that actually happen to someone or are you just imagining it? lol

Well someone surely attended the same class as him, but probably had no idea who he was. Harry doing Bikram yoga would be the most beautiful thing.

Imagine being at the same Bikram yoga class with Harry. I can’t.

Liam and Zayn with Shameless cast last night at the club.




A message from Prince Harry at the CHIME for Change concert. (x)


Ok but this guy is a saint.

We hear about all the partying and stuff but in 2008, one of the soldiers in his battalion was being threatened by 6 other soldiers from another outfit for being openly gay. The soldier escaped and went back to duty when Harry saw him and demanded to know what happened and then was like “Right well I’m going to sort this out” and full on stomped over to the guys and threw a fit at them and solved the problem and those guys never bothered the soldier again and he did it all without violence.



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me: "i just wanted to say that i love you and your music so much and i'll support you till the end my queen "
ariana: "awww thank you so much! wanna take a pic? "
me: "sure! *puts my arm around her and snatches a patch of her hair* "
ariana: "ouch! "
me: "*calls mariah* phase one complete master"


It’s astounding that the people of Pakistan have stood up against their government, are standing against being oppressed in 2014. BUT this isn’t being reported on any international News outlets.

They are literally killing the innocent and tear gassing their peaceful protest. How is this what people have to go through in our day and age, to get their basic human rights?

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