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Anonymous said: And this right here with 5sos is what I'm always preaching.. You can act nice to gain a bigger audience but in the end stuff like these do come out.

They act like hormonal teenagers and I’m feel sorry for all those girls who were waiting month to meet them and had experiences like the ones I reblogged.

Anonymous said: I think Harry is indeed protecting himself and I share the same opinion as your anon, that's a good thing. Harry has so many shit written about him on daily basis, like people always trying to see why he's at some specific place, if there's someone that's the reason why he's there, you know what happens... and I think he's had enough of that

Yes, he knows what he is doing :)

Anonymous said: Do you think Harry has a lot of real friends (who he can trust anytimr) or they all are using him?

I think he have a few :)

Anonymous said: Why do you think he has changed?

Not changed, just closed himself a bit

Anonymous said: I would like to be in Harry's head sometimes, since few months I think he is more secret and seems like he is protecting himself... I don't know how to explain it, but he has changed a bit (not in a negative way)

I can feel that vibe too!

Anonymous said: Well, the opening act was McBusted not even 5SOS but before the show they play video clips and ads.. And when 5SOS were on screens everybody was screaming like they were there for them! I know they have less fans but I didnt had this impression the other night... I don't understand how you could like/love someone as rude and mean as them.. People don't care that they do that or what?

Ohh so they were just cheering, well it doesn’t matter :) Not a lot of people know about that I think, that’s why they are still praising them.

Anonymous said: What is Harry doing in Nashville recently? :)

I don’t know, that boy confuses me

Anonymous said: Wow!! I'm completely chocked by your post on 5SOS! When I went to a 1D concert I had the impression that there were more fans of 5SOS than 1D's fans, and I'm happy I'm not fan of them, they are so mean to fans, I don't remember 1D being like this in the past, even at the beginning, am I wrong?

No, they weren’t like that. It’s strange that you felt like they had more 5sos fans in the crowd than 1D ones, because honestly, they have same fans (of course 5sos, way less).

Anonymous said: Don't you just love it when Harry furrows his eyebrows <3 :)




This needs to be on their 4th album [x]




This needs to be on their 4th album [x]


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Anonymous said: I don't think Paige is beautiful. Luke i don't think she's ugly but not drop dead gorgeous like everyone says she is. What do you think?

When I only saw her pictures that she posted on instagram, I thought she is gorgeous, girl knows her angles and have beautiful lips. Now when there are more pictures of her and you can see her face from all angles and when she don’t suck her cheeks in, I think she still looks beautiful, but far from gorgeous :) all is left is her lips, her face is kind of shaples, it’s just round.

Dallas ~ 24/8

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